Packaging Testing & Research

Package Performance

Research and Development is the main business activity of one of our Malaysian companies.

Most of our R&D projects can be classified under applied and incremental R&D related to packaging. These include work on cellulosic fibre research, product innovation, cost effective packaging development, production process improvement, material substitution and package performance studies, etc.

Research and Development

We prefer to carry out R&D project work on a Contract Basis but we accept other arrangements, such as collaborative and supervisory work.

Packaging Research Center (PRC) is an approved R&D company. Therefore, our Malaysian corporate clients are eligible for Double Tax Deduction under Section 34B of Income Tax Act 1967.

  • Package Performance Related Testing

    • ASTM D4169 Performance Test for Shipping Containers
    • Constant Load (Static) Compression Test
    • Constant Speed Compression Test
    • Drop Test with Option to Measure Deceleration (G Value) Upon Impact
    • Furniture Package Performance Evaluation
    • Humidity and Temperature Conditioning
    • ISTA Pre-Shipment (Transportation) Evaluation
    • Pallet Performance Evaluation
    • Shock and Vibration Environmental Recorder (SAVER)
  • Packaging Design Services

    • Computer Aided Designing Facility Linked to Sample Making Table
    • Simulation of Pallet and Freight Container Utilization
    • Tailor-made Designing Capability (e.g. Corrugated Board Cushioning Cell,
      Display Stand, etc.)
    • Corrugated Box, Folding/Duplex Box, Gift Box Design
  • Technical Training Courses

    • Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing of Low Moisture Foods
    • Metal Packaging
    • Paper Packaging
    • Plastic Flexible Packaging
    • Quality Control on Canning
    • Transport Packaging
  • Test Services

    • Package Performance Related Testing
    • Paper Packaging Related Testing
    • Plastic Packaging Related Testing
    • Food Related Services


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