Mission and Core Values

Who We Are

San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC), then San Miguel Packaging Products, traces its roots to the opening of the first brewery in the Philippines, La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, in 1890 to answer the need for packaging containers in the beer, dairy products, and carbonated drink businesses of San Miguel Corporation.

From there, SMYPC has expanded its business to provide not only glass packaging products but other formats like metal, paper, composites, plastics, and PET requirements to a wide variety
of industries, including the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, industrial, personal & household care industries. 


SMYPC has also evolved to provide packaging services like Creative Solutions, Contract Filling, Trading, Distributorship, and other Logistical Services.

As SMYPC's product portfolio and clientele expanded, it has also expanded its market reach spreading to as far as Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, United States and Europe.

Before 1990's


La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel converted
an old mill in Manila, then known  as La Isla de Provisor, into its first glass plant.



The company established its first crown and lithography line, Metal Closures and Lithography Plant.



Manila Plastics Plant in Pandacan, Manila became fully operational as the company's third facility providing the plastic case requirements of the company.


The old site was abandoned and the glass plant was transferred to Farola, Binondo, present site
of Manila Glass Plant.



Opening and establishment of the Mandaue Glass Plant.



Late 80's

Establishment of a Greenfield project - Rightpak International Corporation - now known as Rightpak Plan.



San Miguel Corporation entered into a joint venture with Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.
of Japan creating San Miguel Yamamura Asia Corporation.



Opening of San Miguel Yamamura Haiphong
Glass Co., Ltd., the first offshore plant in Vietnam. San Miguel Rengo Packaging Corporation followed as a facility to produce corrugated carton boxes in Metro Manila. In September of the same year,
an agreement to establish Zhaoqing San Miguel Yamamura Glass Company Ltd. in China was reached.


Establishment of the SMC Yamamura Fuso Molds Corporation, a joint venture corporation between San Miguel Corporation, Nihon Yamamura Glass Company Ltd. and Fuso Machine & Mold Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Metal Container Plant followed. The year ended on a high note with the founding of Mindanao Corrugated Fibreboard, Inc.



San Miguel Corporation and Phu Tho Glass Company formed a joint venture in Vietnam called San Miguel Phu Tho Packaging Corporation Ltd.



The third Metal Closure and Lithography Plant was opened followed by the diversification of RefPET Plant. It was also renamed Canlubang PET and Caps Plant.



San Miguel Yamamura Asia Corporation fired up its second furnace – further solidifying its status as the most modern glass facility in the country. 



Acquisition of Cospak Pty., Ltd. of Australia creating a link to Australia, New Zealand, and other off-shore markets.



SMYPC entered into a partnership with Can-Pack S.A. for its 2-piece aluminum can manufacturing business. The joint-venture company was named Can Asia, Inc.


Establishment of the San Fernando, Cebu, and Davao Beverage Packaging Plants. The company established modern PET facilities in these areas in recognition of consumer preference for one-way packaging formats. Guolene, Malaysia, which gave birth to San Miguel Yamamura Packaging & Printing Sdn. Bhd., was acquired. San Miguel Yamamura Plastic Films, Sdn. Bhd., and San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products, Sdn. Bhd. Packaging Research Centre was also formed in
the same year.



Joint venture between Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd., or NYG and San Miguel Corporation which formed today's San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC) 



P.T. San Miguel Yamamura Utama Indoplas in Indonesia became SMYPC's latest addition to its PET Packaging business overseas.

Quality, integrity and established expertise, coupled with sensitivity to our products' impact on the environment - these are the trademarks of our products and services, enabling us to adapt and be flexible to changing market trends and the needs of our customers.

Our local and international clients rely on our ability to provide dynamic, intuitive packaging solutions anchored on more than 7 decades of solid industry leadership.

Passion for Success

We will constantly strive for excellence.

We will be the best we can be and create value in everything we do.

We will be proactive and entrepreneurial, propelled by a sense of urgency, competitiveness, and total dedication to results.


We will encourage creativity and ingenuity in our processes and systems, products and services.

We will be forever looking for ways to outdo ourselves, always striving to be the first to anticipate consumer needs and deliver something better.


With trust and respect for each other and unity in purpose, we will work towards our shared aspirations, transcending boundaries along functional and organizational lines.


In the conduct of our business, we will be guided by what is ethical, fair and right.

We believe in profit with honor and we are committed to good governance and the highest moral standards.

Our Respect for People

We recognize our employees as individuals and are committed to nurturing their individual capabilities.

We will uplift the dignity of labor by encouraging our people to be the best in their fields.

We are committed to creating a work environment that encourages open communication, camaraderie, and professional growth.

Social Responsibility

We believe social responsibility and corporate citizenship are integral parts of our business.

We are committed to improving lives of people in the communities in which we live and work.


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